Started dancing at 5 years old in Japan. Starting with modern dance at Mayumi Fukuda Jazzballet studio, and also trained with Emzabro (Kyoya Jun) at TOKYOZA Dance department. From a childhood trains in many types of dance styles such as jazz, modern, contemporary, ballet, African, and tap dance. Studies at the United States at 15 years old, and graduated from Idyllwild Arts Academy dance major in 2007. In IAA pre-professional dance training, trains under Jean-Marie Martz, Anne Crampen, Deborah Brockus, Nora Reynolds Daniel, Stephanie Gilliland, Ron Brown, Ellen Rosa, and Janek Schergen. After graduating from IAA, studies at Marymount Manhattan College Dance Major for 3 months and left for Japan and started flamenco under Susumu Inada. 2009-2010 The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in Toronto in Canada for the professional contemporary dance training. After coming back from Toronto, in September 2011 goes to Spain with scholarship to study at Fundación Cristina heeren de Arte Flamenco, and studies under Miralgros Menjibar, Ana Morales, Javier Barron, etc. After studying in Spain came back to Japan and got many awards at competitions, and now have been performing in shows, lives, and stages in Japan.



Schools attended:

2004-2007 Idyllwild Arts Academy dance major

2007-(withdrew) Marymount Manhattan College dance major

2009-(withdrew) Tama Arts University

2009-2010 The School of Toronto Dance Theatre

2011-2012 Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco


Summer trainings attended:

・2005 Ridgefield Dance Camp in Ridgefield, CT, USA.

・2006 Lines Ballet Summer Dance Intensive in San Francisco, CA, USA.


Awards got with dance:

2007 Music Center's Spotlight Dance Awards non-classical dance, semi-fianalist.

2007 Bella Lewitzky Memorial Award at IAA.

2011 CAF Concurso de Arte FlamencoⅥ Premio Gente Joven Incentive Award, scholarship to study in Fundación Cristina Heeren.

2011 Flamenco Renaissance ANIF Incentive Award.

2013 CAF Concurso de Arte Flamenco VII, the 2nd Prize.

2015 CAF Concurso de Arte Flamenco Ⅷ, the 2nd Prize.

2017 CAF Concurso de Arte Flamenco Ⅸ, Premio Conservatorio.


Jobs in Theater:
・Yoshie Taira Spanish Dance Company "SHAMBHALA MOON", November 2013.
・FLAMENCO LABO Vol.1 ▲triángulo▼, October 2014.
・Long Run Stage "Gilles de Rais", February~October 2015.
・Yoko Tamura Spanish dance concert "Mirada / Piano con duende", October 2015.
・EXILE "Amazing World Tour" 2015.

▲triángulo▼ in Tokyo, September 2016.

・Rai-Zing Gate at Asakusa Yumemachi Theatre, February 2019.



・Asta Real, astaxanthin company, "astavita e" informercial in Japan, Asta Real Ambassador 2015〜.


Self- Produced:

・世果報 -YUGAFU- ”水に揺蕩う命の記憶”, March 2018
・水琴窟 ”Rain”, August 2018
・Utaki ”燈”, November 2018